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About Deviant Artist Known colloquially as RasMale/Canada Recent Activity
Deviant for 9 Years
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Known colloquially as Ras
Current Residence: Somewhere in prairie Canada; cold and obscure, as a rule.
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic metal, Classical orchestra, organ music, in no particular order.
Operating System: Mac OS X. Cannot IMAGINE why this is significant . . .
MP3 player of choice: IPod. Mini, if the details are of merit.
Skin of choice: The . . . present one?
Favourite cartoon character: Was not at all impressed with the PS movie version of Magus, so Prince Vegeta it is, I suppose.
Personal Quote: "I am amused by this turn of events."


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kirakam Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tenebrous-Sapphire Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2008
Absolutely. ;) Had to spend a moment browsing your gallery to recall just what piece of your artwork I had favorited, but your rendition of Vegeta was certainly memorable upon sight.
Kansbar Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2008
you're livin' in a house of cards, pal. and i'm about to sneeze.
Tenebrous-Sapphire Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008
. . . Is that your take on a greeting, or a vague threat of some sort? ;)
ereya Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
Thank you for the fav! :D
Tenebrous-Sapphire Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
Not a problem; I am working on "Final Fantasy X" for the first time through at the moment, you see, so various relevant art (Auron, primarily, though one of Seymour, yours) has occasionally been a craving. =D

Severely, rashly misjudged, I find Seymour's character to be, based upon various comments online. No, I do not find him particularly sinister or identifiable as a character, but there is a certain, carefully concealed CHILL to the aura he exudes. No Sephiroth in terms of villainy or psychology, but worthy of note, beyond simple condemnation by reason of his more irritating qualities. :roll:

Anyway, you are quite welcome. :)
SoulRiser Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008   General Artist
Hi. I'm here because I was pleasantly impressed by your ability to string sentences together (seems a bit rare around these parts)... my point is, you sound intelligent. :D
And you're good at drawing, too. You are being watched. (insert evil laughter here)
Tenebrous-Sapphire Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008
My vocabulary is matched only by my intellect, and that by my arrogance. ;)

Interesting; where did you happen to come across the sentences in question, out of curiosity?

The compliments are appreciated, of course. And, fortunately, I possess the ideal counter for evil laughter, namely the subtle suggestion that you are dealing with one who has planned for your every move, and merely WAITS for you to blunder into his meticulously-laid trap, represented here by the following emoticon: :plotting: Oh yes, you will SEE, indeed . . .

See you on the other side of the manipulation games. ;)
SoulRiser Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2008   General Artist
I found your comment on something by alexiuss... I think it was Equinox.

Planned my every move, eh? Wow, you must have been bored :D
Will the trap hurt much?
Tenebrous-Sapphire Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008
Ah, it could well have been Equinox. Awesome piece of work, that one, no? Really epitomizes certain moods quite well, namely those that involve the desire for the world to bend at your will in a manner that is something other than constructive . . . A rare thing to locate art so expressive as that one, though I personally regard Solaris Autumn as being the magnum opus of alexiuss' work thus far. =D

Will it "hurt"? Absurd question. It depends on a great many things, I suppose. If you are immune to pain, then probably not. Otherwise . . . ;)
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